To enter one of these categories, please keep your class number in mind and follow this link.

Judging for these classes will begin at 11:00am. Competing sheep must be penned by 10:30am. Judges will be as follows:

Commercial – Ben Wilson

Lowland – James Stenton

Swaledale – Paul Metcalfe

Entry Fees:



1st place – £5.00

2nd place – £3.00

3rd place – £2.00

Rosettes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Special prize donated by Dallas Keith.

Chris Bentley Memorial Perpetual Trophy for Supreme Champion Best in Show

D.J. Hanson Trophy for the Champion Swaledale

F. Macdonald Memorial Trophy for the best group of Swaledale Sheep

Mr. & Mrs. C. Anthony Perpetual Tankard for best Swaledale Aged Ram

E. Smith Tophy for best Blue Faced Leicester

A. V. Fawcett & Sons Cup for pen of two best Butchers Lambs

George Peirson Memorial Trophy for the Champion Texel

Rosettes and prize money part sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. E Simpson.


Classes to commence subject to DEFRA regulations.

To enter this category, please select one of the class numbers from below for your entry form:


51. Aged Ram

52. Shearling Ram

53. Ram Lamb

54. Ewe

55. Gimmer Shearling

56. Gimmer Lamb

57. Group of 4:

  • 1 Tup Lamb
  • 1 Gimmer Lamb
  • 1 Tup
  • 1 Ewe / Gimmer Shearling


58. Aged or Shearling Ram

59. Ram Lamb

60. Ewe or Gimmer Shearling

61. Gimmer Lamb

62. Group of 3: 1 male, 2 females.

Blue-Faced Leicesters

63. Male, any age

64. Female, any age


65. Ewe or Gimmer Shearling

66. Gimmer Lamb


67. Ewe or Gimmer Shearling

68. Gimmer Lamb


69. Ram, Shearling or Aged

70. Ram Lamb

71. Ewe or Gimmer Shearling

72. Gimmer Lamb

73.Group of 3: 1 male, 2 females


74. Any Commercial Ram (pure or cross)

75. Any Commercial Ewe (pure or cross)

76. Pair of Butchers Lambs

Pet Lamb – Born 2022

This category will be judged on handling and presentation.

77. Child – up to 8 yrs

78. Child – 9 to 12 yrs


To enter one of these categories, please keep your class number in mind and follow this link.